Master Trainer

Master Trainer

Experienced in sports and coaching, along with various sports and fitness qualifications, Brian has been working in fitness field for over 10 years and mainly engaging in club management and curriculum planning. During his career, he also found that psychological factors pose a great influence on training results. In order to better understand students’ psychological state, Brian took multiple professional qualification programmes on psychotherapy. His unique formula of personal sports and psychological support has successfully helped many relieve their psychological stress and physical pains and illnesses as well as strengthen muscles. With years of teaching experience and philosophy, Brian upholds his philosophy – “To achieve all-around yet healthy life, we all need to pay attention to both physical and mental aspects."

Professional Certificate
2017 PCA Pro & HKBPSF Championships cum Goldentimes
2016 Hong Kong Excellence In Fitness Award
PTA Business Management with EQNLP Strategy Program
NFNLP Basic Practitioner of Neurolinguistie Programming
IANLP International Association of NLP
IANLP Trainer of International Association of NLP
IPTA Personal Fitness Trainer
IPTFA Certified Profesional Personal Fitness Trainer
IPTFA Certified Applied Nutrition and Weight Management
IPTFA Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
IPTFA Certified Sports Massage Technique Trainer
IPTFA Certified Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation Instructor
IPTFA Certified Pre Natal and Post Natal Sports Exercise Instructor
ST JAMES Certified Yoga Trainer
TBA Certified SDS Exercise Ball Trainer
Kettlebell Training Workshop
IPTFA Occupational Health and Safety (personal Trainer) Workshop
HRC Certified Adult Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
IPTFA Certified Stretch Therapist
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Jessica Ho
I started training with Brian at the begining of 2017. I told him I did work out regularly but can't get the result. He tried to know me deeply and noticed that I had bad eating habits. After that he suggested much nutrition information to me and share some great recipes for healthy eating. I feel much healthier from day to day. Thanks Brian
Mandy Choi
Brian 係一個好細心既教練... 佢好細心講解每一個動作。又無hard sell... feel 到佢係一個真係想教好你做運動既教練。讚!!!
Pit Stop Fitness Center 場地布置喺顏色配搭、裝修用料、以至家俬擺設,都經過精心設計,環境整潔舒適,令人感覺輕鬆自在。


Brian 雖然擁有各類專業資格,仍從百忙中抽時間進修,務求令自己不斷進步,達到更專業境界。

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Location was really convenience to me, just a few mins from my work place.
Brian's training was special and different from the others PT that I've ever join, boxing was fun and I really like it.
Kathy Tong
Brian is a nice and funny trainer. Really enjoy work out here with him :)
Jessica Tai
我中意呢度所有人都唔會hard sell你買野大家都好friendly, 我第一次都只係買左4堂, 但係Brian都冇話黑面同迫我再買多d~
如果想專心做訓練同埋唔想比人sell野, 呢度真係個好地方!
Vivian Lok
第一次上黎就覺得呢度環境超正又有私隱, 唔使成日比人望住晒, 不過就有d懷疑點解唔似出面果d gym room 有咁多器材點做training.....
但試完堂及經Brian講解後, 就知道器材唔使多但足夠做到所有訓練就可以了~ Brian 幫我set既訓練好針對我既需要, 又無時無刻監督我既飲食同進度, 唔似以前我跟過既PT, 成日轉人而且落左堂就算.....佢呢度雖然只做單對單訓練, 但唔使上堂時Brian都會叫我自己上去做下運動唔收我錢, 目的係要我keep住做運動同快d見到個效果~
參加左Pit Stop 既training 差不多兩個月,令我出奇地意外可以這麼快有效果。
本人在中環蘭桂坊Pit STOP CENTER 上堂,該地點對我來說是十分方便的,而且最重要的是私隱度高,不會像街外大埸般給別人看。這裏的設備是足夠,埸地亦清潔光猛,令人有衝勁的感覺去進行訓練。
小弟係第一次參加有教練的訓練課程,從前是自己一個在毫無健身計劃下進行減肥健身,結果當然是失敗反而令自己的體重有增無減。BRIAN 是一位十分細心的教練,每天會監察我飲食,萬一看到我食高熱量的食品會立刻制止我。起初有些不習慣,亦會明知故犯,但他會不斷解釋及鼓勵我要少吃那些致肥食品。每次上堂前他都會先詢問我的身體狀況,如有身體位置不適,他會調整訓練的力度不會硬要你完成。當遇姿勢上不明白時,他都會很樂意向我解釋及作出專業指導。你會很容易感受到佢係一名有heart 既教練,而並不是一名銷售員只顧向你推銷。他會不斷追蹤你情況,安排健身計劃,就是這樣我才會有咁快既效果